A Happy Start
Our Nursery provides a gentle and supportive approach to ensure a relaxed and happy start to school life.
In a fun and active environment the emphasis is learning through structured play both indoors and out. Each child acquires the basic skills necessary to achieve the foundations for future learning.

Opportunities are designed for children to experience the 3 Prime and 4 Specific areas of learning.

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
• Physical Development
• Communication and Language

• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the World
• Expressive Arts and Design

As a result of their early experience Athelstan House children grow into happy, confident little people whose minds are receptive and open to the stimuli and experiences that surround them.



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Next Steps
In Reception Class our children continue the journey towards achieving the Early Learning Goals laying down the foundations for future attainment in Key Stage 1 and beyond.

The children enter new realms of understanding as they begin to access the skills of reading, writing and numeracy. Natural curiosity means that they are eager to discover such joys as reading a favourite book independently, writing 'secret’ messages to a friend or counting and making simple calculations to solve an everyday problem.

The school day continues to involve much indoor and healthy outdoor learning through play as they are gently introduced to more formal teaching and learning experiences.



Daily reading, phonics and maths activities coupled with weekly drama, swimming and design technology ensure the steady development of the confidence and skills necessary for success in the next stage of learning.



Leading the Way
There is much excitement when children move to the ‘upstairs’ classes at Athelstan House School. The seeds of learning sown in the earlier stages are now ready to be nurtured in a more formal setting, children are now beginning to explore the wonders of more advanced learning experiences.

Solving mathematical problems, carrying out simple scientific investigations; writing for different purposes; speaking French and participating before an audience of parents in a musical or drama production will feature in every child’s experiences at school.

We provide many opportunities in which our children may take the lead as ‘senior’ members of their school. Self-confidence is developed through activities such as reading their work aloud at school assemblies and performances and acting as role models of good behaviour to their younger school friends.

In addition to attaining an excellent grounding in academic skills, Athelstan House pupils are praised by their new schools for their quiet confidence and for their kindness towards their fellow pupils